Hi, I’m Carla Fernandez.


I’m an experience designer, impact strategist, and community builder focused on social innovation across industry lines.

I co-founded The Dinner Party now active in nearly 100 cities and written about in New York Times, NPR, and OnBeing. We’re developing the tools and methods to address one of the most insidious issues of our time - the crisis of isolation.

I’m also currently obsessed with the 2020 Census, and am working with an innovation lab inside of the Federal Government using creativity to engage hard-to-count communities.


Featured in

Photo: enso

Photo: enso


  • Drives strategies for positive social impact in the corners where we need it most - democracy, climate change, and mental health

  • Is grounded in universal human rituals — gathering, breaking bread, telling stories, creating, play and returning to nature

  • Builds the kinds of relationships and communities - online and IRL - that can stitch us back together again




Other projects near and dear:

  • enso: Founding-team member of enso, a creative agency focused on brand impact and purpose.

  • Finding What Feeds Us: Co-authored a book and 4 city event series exploring the rituals we've inherited and invented to live well after loss.

  • Shared Mission Network: Launched a network of 75 change makers in partnership with enso to create an impact agency with no walls.

  • American + Jewish + Democracy: Designed and facilitated a convening of 12 leading Jewish foundations to discuss the future of giving in the protection of democracy.

  • Cielito Lindo Retreat: Reinvented a home in Joshua Tree, CA to create a retreat space for creatives, activists, and feminists needing time in nature to refuel before keeping up the good fight.

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